About Me

My passion for gemstone started when I was just a small boy in a beach in Malaysia. I was at the Desaru beach that morning when the high tide wave rushed over an old antique green stone ring to me which I later discovered to be emerald. That started my interest on color stones from a very young age and I started collecting and exploring various kinds of minerals and crystals and cut gemstones.

Collecting gemstones became my life-time hobby and I started selling them on-line as a hobby just a few years after Ebay Marketplace was founded in 1995.

I was then a Product Manager working for an American Multi-National Company for Asia Pacific region. That did not stop me from pursuing my passion for gemstones. I made it a point to explore on my own the various gemstone sources in Asia on my business travel. I started taking courses from GIA on diamond Grading, Color Stones Identification and Grading which help me a lot in this process.

Since then, I have been sourcing for gems in Asia for more than 20 years. I started doing it full-time about 10 years ago. From my years from dealing with gemstones and different brokers in Asia, I discovered a lot of secrets about this business, both good and bad. There are also a lot of dubious and unethical practices that are still practiced today.

There is no looking back for me. Love what I do and I also love to share my thoughts, experiences and encounters here. That is the main objective of having this blog.

Do let me know if there is any way I can improve on this blog to serve the community.

Have a great and fruitful journey sourcing for Gemstones.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Dear Friend I’m fond of precious stones. I’m currently looking for Not Synthetic Ruby 6mm Beads but I can’t really know where i can find real ones… Would you help me to find it please ?

      • Thank you so much Dear Friend ! I do trust your long experiences on Gems. I am looking for 40 piece of 6 mm rondelle faceted ruby beads in AAA quality. I’d be very great to hear from you. You can reach me via my email address. Kind Regards

  2. Hello,

    I’d like to buy like these stones with arabic word ( allah )
    where can I find it ? Do you sell these stones ?
    Waiting your reply.
    Many Thanks,

  3. Hi Dear Gemhunter. I think you haven’t found what i look for. I am looking for 40 pieces of 6 mm rondelle faceted ruby beads in AAA qualitly. If you know anywhere that sells in india. I do really want to buy. Have a good day dear friend..

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